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I am a hypnotherapist living in Bedminster, Bristol. Having travelled extensively, I appreciate and respect the rich variety of religion and culture throughout the world. Mindfulness has been a big part of my life from a very early age and meditation has been at the forefront of daily affairs.

Born in North America, with ancestry from Germany, Wales, and Native America, I have enjoyed, as a child, a rich background of culture whilst in travels with my family. My parents were enthusiastic participants of the "School of Living" in Brookville, Ohio, and personal friends with Mildred J. Loomis and Ralph Borsodi of that same enterprise.

I employ both Analytical and Cognitive approaches to hypnotherapy. The Analytical element draws upon concepts and techniques of psychotherapy to discover and address deeper, longer standing concerns whereby unwanted thoughts and behaviours from the past are cleared away. The aim of this form of hypnotherapy is to find and remove the root cause. The Cognitive element is used to positively influence emotional, behavioural, and symptomatic change. I access the mindset of clients, so as to use techniques and language based on the client's unique model of the world.

Qualifications, Training & Experience

I have a University Degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education; worked with Jungian and Freudian aspects of cognition and interpretation; did my practical at a school with Montessori techniques; and also delved into the philosophy of Steiner Education.

My Hypnotherapy studies were with Roger M. Sleet BA(Hons,Psych), founding member of INT (Institute of Natural Therapy) in Dorset, and author of "A Guide to Professional Hypnotherapy".

Mr Sleet, when actively practising in the 80's, had worked effectively with cancer patients, and his unique techniques and experiences were passed on to his students at the Institute of Natural Therapies (The Beltain Centre) in Dorset.

? I am a practising Buddhist (Member of ?SGI-UK?); but also study other variations, such as Zen, Yoga and Sufism. My self-studies in religion and spirituality have given me an increased understanding of the metaphor and allegory, which is a very significant aspect of the way I work with hypnotherapy.

I have recently completed a CPD course in Ericksonian Techniques and am currently taking a master level Reiki training.

Fees & Availability

My fees cover room-hire and facilities, and preparation prior to the session, which can be extensive. ?

First 30 minutes of the session is free, as a process of collecting information from the client. This approach allows me to have a flat rate of £40 per hour. For each hour with a client, I likely spend 2 or more hours in preparation.

Each session is likely to last 90 minutes; but depending on the condition there may be a need for longer sessions, and this would be discussed prior to making the appointment. In all cases you should allow at least 90 minutes for each session unless specified otherwise.

I do not wish to refuse clients based upon financial means and therefore offer a pay-forward scheme whereby those who can afford more can pay more so that others, with lesser means, can still benefit from therapy sessions.

The award of a bursary is discretionary and is considered on a case-by-case basis. You may get up to 50% bursary depending upon availability of funds.

Further Information

Your first 30 minute session will essentially be an interview. You should be prepared to discuss in detail what the issue or problem is which you want to deal with. I will be asking a series of questions to discover the what, when, where and why of the condition. I will use rhetorical prompting to get to the depth of the condition.

Next I will talk to you about the induction process and how hypnotherapy may benefit you, or alternatively, a suggested alternative course of action.

If we agree to continue with the hypnotherapy sessions, we can either continue following-on from this initial consultation for about another hour, or you will get an appointment for your first session. The first session is likely to last from 90 minutes to 2 hour.
Following-on, the depth of induction will continue, and the script will be tailored for your specific needs. If regression is thought to be necessary, this will be discussed with you prior to continuing.

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