Bulletin: May 2015

11th May 2015

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) –

Election for Hypnotherapy’s Profession Specific Board (PSB) Members


We refer to the previous (April) E-Bulletin in which we advised you of the CNHC timetable for the election process for Members of its Profession Specific Board (PSB) for Hypnotherapy. (N.B. Any practitioner who is registered within the CNHC’s hypnotherapy section and could meet the relevant published criteria was entitled to stand for election to this PSB). Each of the CNHC’s sections has its own PSB and each PSB is comprised of four Members that are elected by the registered practitioners of its respective section to stand for a three year period.


The deadline for receipt of candidate’s election statements has now passed and we are pleased to advise you that Georgina Broom, who has been an Administrator within the GHR for the last ten years and whose name will consequently be known to many of you, will be standing for election and has duly submitted her election statement to the CNHC. We are further pleased to advise you that Garry Coles, who has been registered with the GHR for ten years, has also submitted his election statement to the CNHC. We understand that the CNHC will be circularising the various candidate election statements to all CNHC practitioners registered within its Hypnotherapy Section, by email, today, along with an invitation to vote electronically via SurveyMonkey.


Notwithstanding the GHR’s right to canvass on behalf of named candidates in this way, it is important to understand that those elected to a PSB are there to represent the entire profession and to show no particular favour to any one professional association – and this Georgina and Garry have pledged to do.


We sincerely hope that those practitioners who are registered within the CNHC’s hypnotherapy section (and are therefore entitled to vote), will cast their votes in favour of both Georgina and Garry in order to ensure that the views of the GHR, its Registrants and the wider profession may always be legitimately and accurately conveyed to the CNHC.



Anxiety UK – Hypnotherapy Providing Vital Support for Anxiety

We have been requested by Dave Smithson, Services Manager for the well known charity, Anxiety UK, to circularise the below item for your consideration:


Although not formally recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) clinical hypnotherapy continues to be a modality offered to its members by the national charity Anxiety UK.

Anxiety UK can boast more than 45 years of making a difference to the everyday lives of those affected by anxiety and has won a number of high profile awards, including the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for its dedication to those affected by anxiety.

London-based practitioner David Corr who has been working with Anxiety UK for a number of years – and is now a member of the charity’s board of trustees – is keen to encourage more clinical hypnotherapists who are interested in supporting Anxiety UK to consider volunteering some of their time to the charity.

A key piece of work that David has been undertaking in recent months is an evaluation of clinical outcome data which demonstrates the genuine and positive impact therapists are having on clients’ lives.

“The project is gathering valuable evidence of the benefits of therapy, especially hypnotherapy, and the preliminary data is highly encouraging,” explains David.

“However, we need to broaden the availability of Anxiety UK approved therapists so we have a stronger offer across all parts of the UK and a larger evidence base of the successful outcomes we can deliver,” he added.

The application process to become an Anxiety UK approved therapist involves providing two professional references and a short telephone interview that covers various topics including referral, assessment methods, clinical technique and confidentiality issues.

If successful you will be approved by Anxiety UK and able to receive referrals as part of the UK wide scheme which helps patients on low income to find qualified and accredited therapists to assist them.

David Corr says: “Providing therapy support at an affordable rate enables a wider range of clients to access therapy who might not otherwise be able to afford it and that’s important to the charity and the many therapists who support it.”

If you are interested in applying to Anxiety UK you can find more details here:




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