Bulletin: August 2014

1st September 2014

The essential theme of this issue of the GHR News Bulletin is to highlight our supervision facilities – both via acknowledged One to One Supervisors and local Peer Support Groups. It had initially been our intention to list each individual service within this bulletin but it soon became clear that this would not be practical due to the numbers involved. Such a list of service providers (which would need to have included their names, locations, contact telephone numbers, emails and websites) would have run to several pages and would no doubt have put many potential participants off. This would clearly have been counter-productive and so we have opted instead to publish the following information:


Current number of acknowledged One to One Supervisors: 132 covering 177 locations


Current number of local Peer Support Groups: 76 covering 109 locations


In order to access the availability of these facilities within your preferred location/s, you should follow the below procedure from the advanced search facility on our website at


Simply enter your preference in the ‘Town/City‘ field (or ‘County/State/Province’ field for a wider selection), click on the ‘One to One Supervisor‘ and/or ‘Peer Support Group Facilitator‘ tick boxes at the bottom of the search facility and then click the blue ‘Search‘ button. This will reveal a list of GHR practitioners who are currently offering these services within your preferred location.


Whereas these lists are as current as we can make them, we do nonetheless rely upon the individuals concerned to advise us should the relevant facility have been withdrawn and we naturally apologise should any listed facility no longer be available. (N.B. In this regard, it would be most helpful if listed supervisors and peer support group facilitators would advise us should they no longer be offering the respective facility.)


Should there be no facility listed within your preferred location, please contact us at for further advice.


Should you be interested in becoming either an acknowledged One to One Supervisor or Peer Support Group Facilitator, please contact us via the above email address for further information.



GHR Administration


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