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Hi, I'm Jude Hoy - qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist for 10 years - welcome. By being here, it probably means that you are looking to make your life better in some way. You may want to make a change or take control in your life, or perhaps you would just like to totally relax and recharge. My aim is to help you do this.

I offer a free 15-30 minute initial consultation, by phone or in person. This allows you to find out for yourself if you would like to work with me and to establish whether you think that hypnotherapy is right for you.

I use hypnotherapy to help in many areas, including:

• Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relaxation
• Lack of Self-confidence and Poor Self Esteem
• Lack of Motivation or Direction, Feeling Lost, Procrastination
• Phobias and Fears – spiders, public speaking, exams, driving, flying, dogs, water ….
• Habits and Addictions – over-eating, smoking, nail biting, over-use of technology ….
• Grief and Loss
• Improved Sports or Business Performance
• Childbirth
• Managing Pain, Illness, Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME), IBS, Insomnia
• Weight Control
• Stopping Smoking

... and many more. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

For each client I develop a unique and personalised programme. This allows for the best outcome for you, as there is no one technique that suits everybody. I alter the techniques used according to you as a person, your goals, issues, and preferences.

I use professionally recognised techniques from hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, guided imagery, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), positive psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) and psycho-education. I specialise in helping to make changes at an unconscious level to bring about the change people want and desire in their lives.

All sessions are confidential.

Qualifications, Training & Experience

It is important to have confidence and trust in your chosen therapist. I have been qualified in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy as a Practitioner for 10 years and in Psychology for over 30 years. I abide by the Code of Ethics for GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council). To ensure I am able to use the very latest and effective hypnotherapy techniques, I regularly attend CPD (continued professional development) and supervision. I have the following qualifications and accreditations:

BSc Hons Psychology
Practitioners Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Dip Hyp)
General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP)
General Hypnotherapy Registered Practitioner
Assistant Tutor at a Hypnotherapy training centre, Nottingham
Former FE Lecturer in Psychology
Full insurance to practice Hypnotherapy

I have gathered extensive knowledge and experience throughout my work with clients, studies, varied careers, travel, illness and motherhood. This has provided me with compassion and understanding which I am able to apply to my hypnotherapy work. I feel privileged to be able to help people positively enhance and better their lives, through the powerful process of hypnotherapy.

Fees & Availability

Initial Hypnotherapy Consultation - free. I offer a free initial 15 - 30 minute consultation for hypnotherapy, either by phone or in person. This allows you to find out how it can help you and how you would benefit from working with me, as your hypnotherapist. This enables you to feel comfortable and committed prior to commencing your sessions.

Hypnotherapy Packages available (payment is required in advance for all sessions)
Generally 3-4 sessions are recommended for optimum effectiveness.
The number of sessions required will be discussed and agreed in advance.
Course of Three sessions £180
Course of Four sessions £240
Course of Six sessions £345
Individual session £65 per hour,

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy package £195 (2 extended sessions)
Weight Management Programme package £330 (6 sessions)
Chronic Fatigue Management Programme (CFS/ME) package £220 (4 sessions)

Payments for all sessions are required a minimum of 24 hours in advance to schedule the booking.Fees can be paid by bank transfer (details given at time of initial consultation) or in cash.Each session is one hour unless stated otherwise.

Further Information

I also offer Relaxation Therapy. Deep relaxation allows the body and mind to reach a state of emotional and physical calm. For many people, this is not achievable in their normal lives. However, it is vital to allow you to recharge, re-balance and rejuvenate. Relaxation Therapy is deeply and profoundly relaxing, both physically and mentally. This in turn has many benefits, which can include:

• Stress relief
• Increased Positivity
• Feeling able to cope better
• Reduction in chronic pain, tension headaches, migraines and back pain
• Increased Energy
• Aiding Sleep
• Strengthening the immune system

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