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HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company

Training Locations

  • London
  • London
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Training Locations

  • London
  • London
  • England

About our Training School

The Hypnotherapy Training Company is a UK-based international hypnotherapy training provider. Our highly-skilled trainers have taught thousands of people to use hypnosis (for various applications) all around the world, at live training courses, events, webinars and via phone/Skype, together with presenting on hypnosis at international conferences. As well as teaching others, as professional practitioners ourselves, we have helped thousands of people across the UK (and internationally).

We specialise in all aspects of professional hypnotherapy training, and are constantly striving to ensure that all of the techniques we teach (and the strategies we use to teach them) are of the highest quality, meaning that everything we do is delivered to the best possible standard.

We pride ourselves on our evidence-based cutting-edge course content, which is highly functional and practical. Our training enables you to integrate all of the knowledge that you learn into your own hypnotherapy practice, offering the best possible solution for your prospective clients, and optimising your highest chance of success in any given situation. Whilst highly practical, our diploma training also has strong academic grounding, so students receive an all-round qualification that ties theory and practice together neatly and effectively.

At HypnoTC, we are passionate about all things hypnosis, because, for us, hypnosis is more than just a “job” – it’s a lifestyle. This passion comes across in our training, and we take pride in the knowledge that we are amongst the very best hypnotherapy trainers in the world, and always getting better!

Our hypnotherapy certification courses are held in a luxurious setting, within the Royal Horseguards Hotel in the heart of Whitehall, Central London. The impressive venue is a 1 minute walk away from Embankment tube station, and directly opposite the London Eye.

About our Trainers

The Hypnotherapy Training Company is run solely by its directors; Dr Kate Beaven-Marks and Rory Z Fulcher.

“Dr Kate” is an energetic and enthusiastic hypnotherapy trainer, with a cumulative theoretical and practical knowledge of hypnosis that would be difficult to surpass. Her passion for the subject goes above and beyond anything seen with your run-of-the-mill hypnotherapy trainers. She is an exceptionally talented expert in the field of hypnosis.

As well as being a first-class hypnotherapist, Kate is also a professionally trained teacher and has various highlyrespected professional endorsements, such as: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, not to mention, a Certified Instructor (CI) with the National Guild of Hypnotists…

Kate has a Doctorate of Education, based upon the educational aspects of hypnosis from a professionalism perspective. As part of the research for her Doctorate, she completed training with 200+ international hypnosis and hypnotherapy training providers, and has a personal library of hypnosis-related books that would make even the most avid enthusiast rather jealous. This makes her one of the most well-rounded, highly qualified hypnotherapy trainers in the UK today.

Rory Z Fulcher has a wonderfully diverse background and over the last few years, his name has become very well-known in the hypnosis world. Leaving college (with a Diploma in Music), Rory came to decide that he'd never quite make it as a rock star, and so began his journey into the wilderness of real life" at the age of 18.

After picking up a basic "how-to-do-hypnosis" book at the book store, Rory initially learned hypnotherapy by trial-and error. By going out and "having a go", he began to help to make positive changes to the lives of his friends and family (and himself). Having then taken numerous courses whilst in constant practice, his passion for hypnotherapy grew and grew, yet the "performer" inside wanted a little more... Naturally he turned to stage and street hypnosis, which allowed him to entertain, whilst continuing to help people along the way.

Years later, and with even more passion as when he started, Rory continues to live and breathe hypnosis. He is a successful author (with a number of books about hypnosis), a world-class hypnosis trainer, and is a highly respected and widely sought-after international speaker. Rory's training style is highly practical, fun and very "hands-on" because let's face it, when you're the Rock Star of Hypnosis, you've got to put on a show!

Many hypnotherapy schools have numerous trainers of varying skill/experience levels, so often you never really know if your trainers are any good. ALL of HypnoTC’s Hypnotherapy Certificate courses are taught by both Dr Kate and Rory Z exclusively, so that HypnoTC students are able to benefit from their cumulative decades of hypnotherapy knowledge and their dramatically different backgrounds and experience. You deserve to know that your trainers are some of the best in the industry and with HypnoTC, that comes as standard!"

Training Courses, Accreditation & Fees

Hypnotherapy Diploma & International NGH Certificate Course

Course accreditation:
Hypnotherapy Diploma (D.Hyp) and internationally accredited Hypnotherapy Certificate (C.H.) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
Exceeds UK Core Curriculum for hypnotherapy training
Meets UK Hypnotherapy National Occupational Standards

Course duration:
20 days (10 weekends) – 130 hours classroom time (excluding breaks)

Course format:
Teaching is provided in a supportive classroom environment. Each day will include theoretical lectures, presentations and discussions, together with practical demonstrations, group activities and practice of techniques. To support classroom learning, students are also given access to an extensive video library, these videos expand on various practical and theoretical topics covered throughout the course (in even more detail).

Students are also required to complete homework assignments and a coursework portfolio. Although personal study time varies from student to student, it can be a useful guide to allow at least 8 to 10 hours each week. Total tuition and study hours are expected to be in the region of 450 hours.

Course assessment:
There are a range of theory assignments, assessed throughout the course, drawing upon literature, personal research and your individual application of learned skills. There is also ongoing assessment and feedback of your practical skill development. On the final weekend of the course, there are exams which must be passed to receive your certificate/qualification. These exams consist of a “written question” paper, a “case history” paper and finally a practical skills demonstration.

Course Materials:
Course notes (600+ A4 pages)
HypnoTC Pen
Hypnotic Language Cards
Access (during course) to HypnoTC student video library

Course cost:
Instalment plan available

10% Discount for members of the armed forces (and ex-forces)

Further Information

“A superb interweaving of theory, practice and business building essentials, this is a course for those who want to hit the ground running as confident and ethical practitioners. Kate and Rory made a superb team, offering a stimulating balance between the academic aspects of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and the practical elements.” Wendy Fairmaner (Psychologist)

“I recently completed the NGH hypnotherapy course with HypnoTC. Having spoken to others hypnotherapists and attended another training course, the content provided by Rory and Kate is far superior than many courses that are out there.” Nonna Alomaja (Hypnotherapist)

“Rory has been my mentor/tutor in hypnotherapy for over a year. His relaxed but effective style has made him the best trainer in the business, and someone I’ve endorsed and recommended to many friends, academics, and colleagues.” Dr David Keatley PHD (Psychologist)

“Kate is an excellent educator, and a real pleasure to learn with.” Elwyn Griffiths (James Braid Society)

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Kate Beaven-Marks

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Training Locations

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  • London
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