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Adam Perry

Practice Locations

  • Hove
  • East Sussex
  • England

Practice Locations

  • Hove
  • East Sussex
  • England


I have a client-centred approach which puts clientsat ease, establishes the areas they wish to address and involves them fully in their own therapy. I believe that, whilst the hypnotherapist can help facilitate change, it is ultimately down to the client to make those changes and experience things differently. After all, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the way that we think and feel affects our emotions and beliefs. It is for this reason why therapy is a partnership and I look forward to working with you to make changes.

I am drawn to a hypnotherapy which is focussed on creating change and making a difference. I qualified as an integrated hypnotherapist in 2003 and I have built on this having studied with a second hypnotherapy school in 2019. My study has given me an understanding of a broader approachin order to help clients through hypnotic suggestion, NLP and analytical hypnotherapy. I am also qualified as an EMDR practitioner.

Hypnotic Suggestion is the hypnotherapy that most people think of when talking about hypnosis.After an initial chat to discuss your needs, you will be relaxed into a calm and peaceful state of mind and given suggestions to help change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.You will be aware throughout the whole process, but in a comfortable relaxed state.Hypnotic Suggestion is ideal for breaking habits such as smoking, nail-biting, and hair-pulling (trichotillomania); boosting your confidence, public speaking, or with assistance with passing exams or yourdriving test.It can also be used for pain control, childbirth, IBS, boosting your immune system and a range of other medical applications (though medical examination with your GP may be required prior to such treatment).Hypnotic suggestion is based on permanently changing your inner belief(s) and results can be long-lasting.

Hypno-analysis helps to resolve the real, underlying cause of the problem – so much so that when the problem is resolved, it can feel as if it was never even there in the first place.Sometimes hypno-analysis can work very quickly, often in just a few sessions, but it really does depend upon the individual situation. Usually, you would expect to attend for a course of 6 – 8 weekly sessions as an average, but can be more or indeed a lot less.

Hypno-analysis will essentially give you a complete “emotional clear-out” – setting you free of old beliefs and old feelings that may have been holding you back or causing problems for years.Most people going through a course of hypno-analysis discover that not only do their issues get resolved, but also their personal and working lives take off in new and exciting ways as well. From issues as varied as trauma, weight loss, to stopping smoking, this “Deep Transformation Hypnosis” has also helped with eating disorders like bulimia and binge-eating, as well as insomnia, stuttering, public speaking nerves, lack of confidence and more.

Qualifications, Training & Experience

Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy 2003: The ISIS School of Integrated Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Hypnotherapy –Nov 2019: Andrew Parr Training
EMDR and Hypnosis Diploma - Jan 2020

Fees & Availability

Sessions cost £40 in Kent or £45 in Brighton. This can be paid in advance by BACS transfers or in cash on the day. Unfortunately I do not accept payments by card or cheque.
I am available weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons and evenings, by arrangement
What if you need to cancel or re-book a session?
When we plan your therapy, I set time aside to see you each week, so if you need to cancel then you will still need to pay the full fees for that session. This is not only a practical consideration but also helps to minimise the interruptions to your therapy which can undermine your progress.
Will there be a contract and what is in the contract?
I make a contract with all my clients – it sets out the expectations from both sides and agrees basic things like when your sessions will take place, fees, how I deal with confidentiality, my cancellation policy and the legal and ethical frameworks within which I work.

Further Information

The aim is that you feel relaxed and happy to work with me and, therefore, no two clients are the same. The following is a guide:
What is the purpose of the initial assessment session?
The initial first session is without obligation and is an opportunity to get to know each other and so that you can explain a bit about your situation and why you might need help. I will tell you more about how I work and we can l decide together what your goals for therapy will be.
When will my therapy take place?
From the outset we can agree any dates or times that you (or I) are not available, but other than that we would meet on the same day at the same time every week which really does help in terms of continuity and ensuring that you make progress.
How long will I need therapy for?
Sessions typically one hour in duration.
Many clients will work across 6 sessions, with the option of additional sessions afterwards. I also work on an open-ended basis and will review progress at each session.

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Practice Locations

  • Hove
  • East Sussex
  • England