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Shimara Berriman


I fully qualified in Advanced Structured Hypnosis in 2004 and have continuously trained and kept learning since, enabling me to help clients more quickly now than I ever thought possible.

I can use all or some of my learned modalities with each client as needed rather than charging for each modality individually, making their therapy as quick and successful as possible. I charge one fee for the whole treatment which enables clients to know in advance how much therapy will cost. Then when the client is happy with their success, I offer a 12 month period where they can return to me at no extra cost for the same issue if needed. This gives peace of mind and it is rarely used as the modalities I use can change the subconscious mind permanently.

Having been extremely over weight myself and comfort ate whilst yo yo dieting, I am successful in weight loss. I also had depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, could not speak in public, relationship issues, in fact I was a mess. No longer, as, if you want to help others you must be right yourself. I underwent simply loads of therapy and self-hypnosis to be the happy and successful person I am today.

To-date I am (to my knowledge) the only person to offer a Gastric Bypass operation in the mind. The bypass is completely different to the band and has the extra advantage of the client not craving sweet and fatty foods.

I run courses for both individuals and therapists, so please contact me and look at my site for more details.

Qualifications, Training & Experience

Advanced Structured Hypnosis 2004 (Valerie Austin)
NLP Practitioner 2005 (Dr Richard Bandler)
NLP Master Practitioner 2005 (Dr Richard Bandler)
Hypno Fertitily 2006 (Hypno Birthing Institute USA)
Advanced Master NLP Practitioner (Dr Richard Bandler)
The One Command Leader (teacher) and practitioner 2009
Theta Healing levels I, II and Advanced III 2005

Fees & Availability

Fees are for the whole issue and vary. If you take an average of £50 per session with a therapist and multiply that by 12 sessions you have £600. It may be you will need more or less, who knows. I charge for the whole therapy with 12 months free back-up if needed.

Further Information

I see clients at my office and on Skype, I also do some sessions on the telephone.

I give a free 20 minute consultation where we can discuss your issue/s, tell you what I can do to help, how long it could take and the cost involved. You can then say 'yes', or I'll think about it and get back to me.

Your first session is between an hour and two hours and that will be decided when you book. Subsequent sessions are an hour, phone consultations in between sessions can be as little as 8 mins and up to 50 mins.

I record specially for you MP3's and email them for use between sessions, you then have concentrated help every day to maximise your success.

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  • 01934 413473
  • 07939 589398
  • 01424 427100

Languages Spoken

  • English

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Practice Locations

  • Piccadilly
  • London
  • England
  • Weston Super Mare
  • Somerset
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