Bulletin: September 2017

12th September 2017 0 Comments

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Practitioners need to be aware of the forthcoming European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (see The GDPR will apply in the UK from 25 May 2018 and the Government has confirmed that the UK’s decision to leave the EU will not affect the commencement of this regulation.   If you are currently subject ...

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Bulletin: June 2017

6th June 2017 0 Comments

Use of GHR and GHSC Logos and Text   We would like to remind Registrants that both GHR and GHSC Logos are available to download from the Members Area of our website at:   With regard to inclusion in websites, we encourage that they be turned into active links back to the GHR/GHSC website ...

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Bulletin: March 2017

23rd March 2017 0 Comments

Forthcoming Radio Show – Call for Potential Interviewees   We recently received an email form GHR Registrant, Christopher Williams, extracts of which are copied below, and feel that it presents an excellent opportunity to promote both the work of individual practitioners and the wider profession in a most positive light:   “I am a Member ...

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Bulletin: February 2017

15th February 2017 0 Comments

Data Protection Act (DPA) – Legal Requirements   Following a query from a GHR practitioner, we thought it timely to advise Registrants in regard to their possible need to register under the Data Protection Act (DPA). We have provided this advice in the past but it does no harm to again bring this to our ...

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Bulletin: December 2016

19th December 2016 0 Comments

The Season’s Greetings We would like to wish our Registrants and Training Providers a Very Happy Christmas and Peace & Prosperity for 2017 . We are most grateful for your continued support and would re-confirm our intention to administer to all your professional needs to the very best of our ability. . ……………………………………………………………………………………. . Books ...

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Bulletin: September 2016

26th September 2016 0 Comments

GHR Practitioner Strikes Gold at Rio 2016   We salute GHR practitioner and Paralympian, Karen Darke, an athlete with the British Para-Cycling team, for her Gold Medal victory in the Women’s hand-cycling time trial race at Rio this year. She has overcome her disabilities to achieve some wonderful things in her life, including skiing across ...

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Bulletin: June 2016

14th June 2016 0 Comments

Use of NHSTA Logo – Investigation by NHS Identity Team   We have been advised by a GHR practitioner that he has recently been contacted in regard to the use of the NHS Trusts Association (NHSTA) logo on his website. As a long time registrant within the NHSTA’s ‘NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners’, ...

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Bulletin: January 2016

18th January 2016 0 Comments

Important Notice from the CNHC & Professional Reflexology Petition – NICE proposes removing complementary therapies from its Guideline   NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, is currently reviewing its guideline for ‘Improving supportive and palliative care in adults’. The draft scope proposes removing complementary therapies from the NICE guideline (at line 109 ...

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Bulletin: December 2015

15th December 2015 0 Comments

Roger Sleet – Obituary   Roger M Sleet  BA (Hons) Psych  FINT  GHR  SQHP  (1938 – 2015)   “Roger was a man who believed in miracles, created miracles, and trained others to believe the same.”   “Roger was such a large and kind presence to many.”   “He touched many peoples’ lives.” “Roger was always so ...

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Bulletin: August 2015

24th August 2015 0 Comments

GHR Practitioner Awarded MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy   Long time GHR Registrant, Garry Coles, has become one of the first hypnotherapy practitioners in the UK to be awarded a Master of Science degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. This was conferred by the University of West London. This is currently the highest academic qualification available for clinical ...

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